Kali-Ma At Park Meeting Children

When A Child Sees A Cat

When A Child Sees A Cat

I take Kali-Ma with me around town locally to many places. We are often at the park, the local farmers market and even at the car dealership for an oil change. I work long hours during the week, so whenever possible on the weekend she is with me. People around town are familiar with the cat lady and her pink polka dot cat stroller with the Therapy Cat.

This also gives Kali-Ma and I the opportunity to meet people and perhaps share her gift of cat therapy where needed.  You can read about our cat therapy in the park here: Cat Therapy In The park

What I have noticed lately, is that there is a difference in the manner in which most adults meet her verses when a child sees a cat. It brought me to tears recently. As I thought about it, I began to wonder why some adults can’t be more like children?

The Church Picnic

When A Child Sees A Cat
Kali-Ma In Stroller At The Park

I recently began attending a local church. The first day I walked into the church was a weekday and I had Kali-Ma with me. The minister met both of us and she liked Kali-Ma very much. I spoke of Kali-Ma to many of the congregants during the Sundays I attended.

They announced that the church picnic was being held at the local park that Kali-Ma and I regularly walked in. The day of the picnic was a perfect sunny deg and Kali-Ma arrived in her famous pink polka dot stroller excited to be there.

The minister greeted us warmly and that was the end of the niceties for the day. As we proceeded to the table where there were some ladies I knew from Sunday service the first woman said, “Ohhhh….you brought your cat”. I replied, “Yes, we walk in this park often on Sunday so I brought her”.  Her face spoke volumes. I wanted to tell her not to ever play poker.

The next woman said “I have never seen a cat that big. Just how much does that thing weigh?”. For a moment I couldn’t speak. Kali-Ma began to get fussy in her stroller. I said, “She is lbs and she is in perfect health”. The woman replied, “Oh she looks bigger than that. I’ve just never seen one THAT BIG!”.

I then walked away with Kali-Ma. By this time Kali-Ma had begun to meow and I was crying.

Alone By The River With My Cat

When A Child Sees A Cat
Kali-Ma By The River

I took Kali-Ma down by the river and we walked together.  I always believe when you are stressed you can walk it off. We met a dog along the way. Then we sat down on the park bench and I had a really good cry. I told her how sorry I was that the woman talked to her like that and she sat there and listened. Some people would think I was crazy talking to my cat, but I really didn’t care if anyone heard me at that point. 

I just sat there and tried to wrap my head around how someone could be so cruel. This wasn’t the first time an adult had said something like this to Kali-Ma, but this woman was by far the worst I had encountered and in a place I least expected it. I sat there and thought of all the things I should have said to her.

When A Child Sees A Cat
Kali-Ma On Park Bench

I am a fat woman. I have been fat all my life. I have been called everything that any fat person can be called since I can remember. I know what it is like to be judged for your looks. Why didn’t she attack me? Why go after a defenseless animal?

My cat is in perfect health. She gets her CBC count and I take excellent care of her. She is the most important part of my life. If you have a senior cat and need to know about their care you can read it here: 9 Tips For Senior Cat Care

When A Child Sees A Cat

Kali-Ma and I began to walk back to the car and a family was walking past us. The two children looked over and said: “Mom, look it’s a kitty!”. The Mother asked if they could pet Kali-Ma and I said: “Sure you can”. That’s when it hit me.

Kali-Ma At Park Meeting Children
Kali-Ma At Park Meeting Children

Kali-Ma has met many children at that park and many other places. When a child sees a cat it is always the same reaction. The child’s face lights up, their eyes get big, their finger points in the direction of the cat and they say “look, it’s a kitty”. They never say anything about the weight, color, age, or anything. All the child cares about is that “it’s a kitty!”

Children just want to see the kitty. Children want to give the “kitty” all the pure unconditional love that the kitty will allow, and in return, the cat gives of itself back.  It’s a beautiful exchange to watch.

If Only Everyone Could See Kali-Ma Like Children Do

I can only hope that one day everyone can look at Kali-Ma and say “oh there’s a kitty” and let that be all they say. Until that time I vow to be a better fur Mom and protect her from harm’s way. I carry a lot of guilt for allowing that woman to say those things. If you don’t believe a cat can understand words, then you are mistaken.

Never again will I stand there and be questioned about her size, weight, or anything that is no one’s business but mine and her veterinarians.  She is a beautiful beloved expression of God’s love. If that’s not enough information for the next person then they are not worthy of knowing her.

Until Next Time…Happy Tails to you….

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