KALI-MA crossed over on May 2nd at 11:45 am, in the comfort of my arms, held in her favorite recliner in our home by the window listening to the birds.

On April 30th she suffered a stroke which paralyzed 3 out of her 4 legs. It took a visit to the ER and a Pet Neurologist to determine this. After being confronted with the diagnosis I knew what choice had to be made.

I promised Kali-Ma years ago that her quality of life would never suffer from my selfishness to be with her and always assured her she would die with dignity in the comfort of her own home. Her passing was the most beautiful, peaceful, gentle, and loving transition I have ever witnessed.

I spent many hours alone with Kali-Ma prior to her dying. I was able to tell her everything I wanted to say. Hold her, cry with her, and share all our joys and memories. I assured her she was going to live forever here on earth because her pictures and stories were infinite now thanks to something good coming from social media.

I knew she had touched many lives but I had no idea how deeply until I posted of her passing. She truly was an angel sent from heaven for us all to experience. People wrote to me about how they met her “once” years ago and what it meant to her. I received cards about how she “changed her life” after meeting her. One card read and I quote “Kali-Ma shattered my preconceived notions of what owning a cat could be and in doing so brought me my most precious joy, ‘Chloe'” (her own cat)

I am so very truly blessed that on that hot and humid New Year’s Eve Day in 2009 Kali-Ma chose me. Although my pain today without her is excruciating and at times I feel as if I cannot breathe without her, I would not have missed a moment of it for anything. She was and will always be my very best friend and my soul mate. I simply cannot put into words the bond we shared or how we could communicate without words.

Thank you Kali-Ma for all that you gave to so many for all of your life. From Texas to Michigan. For every nursing home, you visited to every festival, park, and public event, and for every person you cuddled and charmed with your big beautiful green eyes. You truly were a beautiful light that shone so bright for anyone who touched you, and they were changed by your love.

Everyone loved Kali-Ma.

I will love you forever and a day my beloved Kali-Ma. Happy Tails to you in heaven.

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Gloria Tripp

Owner of Tails of Kali-Ma LLC where I blog about the tales of Kali-Ma the therapy cat. These tales include cat care tips, cat stories, and cat life lessons based on my life with Kali-Ma as part of a cat therapy team. I am a registered therapy animal owner, freelance copywriter, aspiring author, and lover of everything cats!

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