Sunday With My Cat At The Park

Sunday With My Cat In The Park

Sunday With My Cat In The Park

The forecast was rain and the skies were heavily overcast. Not being one to pay attention to the weatherman, I put on Kali-Ma’s harness and prepared to spend Sunday with my cat in the park.  As I placed her in the pet car booster seat, a small ray of sunshine began to peek through the clouds. While driving to the park I turned to her and said: “everything is going to be just fine today”.

Sunday With My Cat In The Park
Kali-Ma with DIA Reproduction at Library Park

The Library Park

After the fiasco that happened last week at the church picnic, which you can read about here: When A Child Sees A Cat I didn’t even want to go back to the same park. I had read about the Detroit Institute of the Arts having artwork re-productions throughout the city, and one of them was at the Rochester Hills Library garden. I thought we could go see it and walk around there for a fresh change of scenery.

Kali-Ma posed in her stroller next to the painting on cue. She poked her head out of her stroller and looked right up. I thought about how much I would like to have her portrait painted someday.

The People We Met

We walked along and came upon a lovely stone pond surrounded by lush green foliage and flowers. That is where Kali-Ma made it clear she wanted to get out and walk around on her leash. The path around it was made of cement stones easy for her to walk on.

Sunday With My Cat At The Park
Kali-Ma at the Library Park Pond
Sunday With My Cat In The Park
Kali-Ma at the Library Park by the Pond

As I prepared to get her out of her stroller a very nice family of three approached us. They wanted to pet her, tell her how beautiful she was, etc. We talked about cat care and her stroller. Through the conversation, they shared with me that they owned a male calico named “Sal”. He sounded like a perfect candidate for a Therapy Cat so I told them how to learn more about it. We had a very nice visit.

Kali-Ma walked around the pond at least four times. She was beginning to wear me out! I finally convinced her to rest. So she laid down in the grass and was content to watch people go by.

Sunday With My Cat The Park
Kali-Ma relaxing at the Library Park

While she rested, we met a woman who was thrilled to pet her as her husband who was nearby was allergic to cats, so she couldn’t have a kitty. Another lady thanked us over and over again for letting us touch her. So many people stopped by to tell to say “what a sweet kitty”, “she is so precious”, “what a beautiful cat”. The compliments were abundant and Kali-Ma soaked every one of them up. 

What A Difference A Week Makes

I was putting Kali-Ma back in her stroller and getting ready to leave when a woman with her dog came along.  She said, “hey it’s you…how are you doing?”.  This was the same woman I had met last week with her dog immediately after I had left the church picnic in tears.  Now, what are the odds that the same woman from last week with her dog would be in this park at the same time I am this week? There is saying that I heard once…” Isn’t that odd it must be God?”.

Sunday With My Cat In The Park
Kali-Ma On The Park Bench

I sat down on the park bench with Kali-Ma for a moment just to absorb it all in. The nature around me, the kindness of the people we had met and the time I had spent with Kali-Ma. For a moment it was all very surreal and precious to me.

Final Thoughts

It was nice having a church to go as it gave me a sense of “community”. However, I watched an inspirational program I enjoy on YouTube before we left today, and felt a very real sense of “community” in the park this morning. Time is very precious and I enjoy spending what little free time I have with Kali-Ma.

When we sat on that park bench today I looked over at her and said “Everything is ok. It’s the way it’s supposed to be Kali-Ma”. She looked at me as is to say “I know”. If those eyes of hers could talk they would say so much! 

That is the thing about her. She always looks like she has the “knowing” of things whereas I have to work them out in my head. I do believe God sent me an angel when we found each other, and I have said a prayer of thanks every day since then.

Sunday With My Cat In The Park
Ecclesiastes 3_1

By the way, as we got out of the car and walked in the door the rain began. Everything felt in perfect timing and order today.

Until Next Time….Happy Tails to you!


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