Kali-Ma Licking The Snow

Saturday With My Snow-Loving Cat

My Snow Loving Cat

As dawn rose Saturday morning Kali-Ma had her paws in my face before I could turn over to get out of bed. That could only mean one thing – SNOW. I was finally going to spend a Saturday with my snow-loving cat, and she was ready to go outside in it!

Kali-Ma enjoys walking on her leash and spending time in public in her stroller, but she LOVES snow! It’s almost funny considering she was born in Houston, Texas where to say it is hot is an understatement. You can read about her history and how we found each other here: The Story of Kali-Ma

Preparing for the Journey

I prefer the temperature to be 30 degrees when I take her outside in the winter, but nothing was keeping my snow-loving cat from going outside. She was zooming around from room to room as I prepared for the day. The news said it was 22 degrees and the temperature was going to fall by late afternoon.

I packed extra blankets for her stroller, towels to dry her feet, an extra sweater for her in case she got wet from the snow and remote started the car so it would be nice and warm for her. We were out the door and arrived at our first stop by 11 am.

Saturday with my Snow-Loving Cat
Pinky and the Brain Ice Sculpture

Downtown Rochester Fire and Ice Festival

The town we live in was having its annual “Fire and Ice” festival ( Downtown Rochester Fire and Ice Festival ).  I decided we would stop there first.  We live in a small town about 40 minutes North of Detroit with about 13,000 people. Many people know Kali-Ma in her little pink polka dot stroller, and those that do not are always very kind. Everyone always smiles and says hello to each other downtown. 

Saturday With My Snow Loving Cat
Kali-Ma at Fire & Ice Festival next to Ice Sculpture

Main Street was lined with Ice Sculptures. I could hear the crunch of the snow from people walking, and smell the hot chocolate as children passed by. The first sculpture Kali-Ma and I saw was “Pinky and the Brain”. I heard a little boy ask “Who is that Mommy?”, and suddenly I felt my age as I silently laughed to myself while his parent tried to explain.

Then as Kali-Ma seemed enamored with Mickey Mouse a little girl came by and asked if she could take a picture with the kitty. Soon other children noticed I had a cat and Kali-Ma received lots of love and attention. Mickey Mouse suddenly wasn’t so fascinating.

Kali-Ma at Fire and Ice Festival
Saturday With My Snow-Loving Cat

A walk in the Park

After the festival, I took Kali-Ma to the park. I wasn’t sure she would want to go for a walk as we had been outside for an hour at the festival. We got to the park and I took out of the car, put her down and said “do you want to walk or go home”….with that she was practically off and running in the snow.

Kali-Ma Licking The Snow
My Snow Loving-Cat

She ran and she walked and then she just stood there for a moment. There was no one else at the park but me and my snow-loving cat. As the snow peacefully fell down around us, she licked the snowflakes as they came down.  Some ducks waddled over in silence to watch her. Then a bird landed on a nearby bench. It was as if all of nature was enjoying the snow with her. I stood there silently and shed a tear of indescribable joy and total contentment.

Saturday With My Snow-Loving Cat
Kali-Ma at the Park

We drove home and I looked over at her and said “You are my best friend Kali-Ma. It is a blessing to have you to spend my Saturdays with. I love you so much”. Sometimes, I wish I could bottle moments in time with her and keep them forever.  

Final Thoughts……

I am very blessed that Kali-Ma enjoys going places with me, and that we have bonded together as best friends. Some people read my blogs or see us and automatically say “my cat could never do that” and I always say “ don’t be so quick to dismiss what your cat can or cannot do”. Kali-Ma did not come to me like she is now and what we have has taken TIME, a lot of TIME.

When we go out in public, she gives so much to so many. There isn’t one time that I don’t see a child’s face light up when they so her. I never tire of hearing “Mommy mommy it’s a kitty!”. She is a great comfort to me, but she is also a joy the public she encounters. 

Every cat is a blessing and I am so grateful for every moment that I spend with Kali-Ma and share her with others.

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Saturday with my Snow-Loving Cat
Kali-Ma Sleeping After Snowy Saturday Fun

Until next time….Happy Tails to you!


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  1. Scott

    Aww, that was a sweet moment at the park.

    1. Thank you, Scott. I am blessed by so many precious moments with Kali-Ma. She is most beloved to me. It looks like you too have a special kitty from your profile photo. Cats are such a gift. Happy Tails to you! 🙂

      1. Scott

        Hey there! Thanks. He is. And there is a companion orange tabby with longer hair who is a year older than him who also is a special fellow, so there’s a pair of blessings here.

        1. How wonderful to have two kitties 🐱. Kali-Ma is my one and only as she doesn’t like other cats 🐈. That’s ok… she gets all my love and attention. Thanks for taking time to read our tails! 😊🐱🐾

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