It’s my favorite time of year when you can be anything you want to be on October 31st and that includes Kali-Ma! We were just trying on all of our favorite Halloween cat costumes today and thought we would share them with you. She looks so precious and it made me feel so good, I couldn’t help but post it.

The first one is the Witch/Wizard. I love the purple and the hat! It was very reasonably priced and the hat has a string to help keep it on. A little bit of catnip and she was very receptive to it.

My mother would have loved the butterfly costume. Every time I see a butterfly I feel her around us but she never got to see Kali-Ma in it. It’s a snug fit but she can move about fairly well if she so desires.

Cat Halloween Costumes
Kali-Ma The Butterfly

The Bumble Bee has never been her favorite but she is so adorable in it! She gives me the face of “get this thing off of me” every time I put it on her!

I have listed all of the costumes for purchase below. I like to get them from Amazon as if they don’t fit I can easily return them. Even if I just throw her hat on and take her to the park it is a little Halloween for her this year. It also brings joy to the children that pass by and smile at the little kitty dressed for Halloween.

Happy Tails to everyone and a spooktacular Halloween!


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