Kali-Ma In Her Calming Shirt

Five Cat Calming Tips During Fireworks and Storms

Five Cat-Calming Tips During Fireworks and Storms

Summer is often filled with loud noises from fireworks and thunderstorms that can frighten your cat. This can cause stress and anxiety for both you and your kitty. Follow these five cat calming tips to ensure a more relaxed cat and a happier cat owner 🙂

1. Be Home With Your Cat During Fireworks Or Storms

If at all possible, it is best for you to be at home with your cat during times of fireworks and thunderstorms. Understandably, not everyone can be home for every storm, however, fireworks can be prepared for. I believe that cats look to their owners for comfort and often you just being home with them has a calming influence.  

2. Close Everything

Cat Calming Tips
Kali-Ma In Her Calming Coat

Before the fireworks or storms begin, close up your home. Close all the windows and doors to prevent as much sound as possible from getting inside. Also, close the blinds and drapes to keep out the lightning from the storms and flashes from the fireworks causing stress to the kitty.

3. Move Your Cat To A Room Far Away From The Noise

For instance, if your neighbor is lighting off fireworks, then move your cat to the room farthest from where the neighbor is igniting off his rockets of red glare. During a thunderstorm perhaps the basement is less noisy than the upstairs. Just try to get your cat to the place in your home that is the quietest place in the storm.

Be sure you have your cat’s litter box, food, and water in this room. It’s important that your cat has these items, especially during times of stress.

4. Make A Safe Place For Your Cat

Be certain your cat has a safe place in the room. Leave a closet door open. Or you can take a cat tunnel. My cat loves her cat tunnel. It’s a low-cost toy she loves, and also her “safe place”.  I usually have one or two of her toys and a cat scratcher with me as well. My cat likes to scratch when she is stressed!

Five Cat Calming Tips
Kali-Ma Playing With Her Cat Tunnel

I have the cat tunnel and cat scratcher available on my shopping page: Shop Kali-Ma

5. Aides While You Wait Out The Noise

Various items may assist you if your cat is extremely anxious.

*Catnip and Catnip Sprays

Catnip in different doses can have different results. Please see my blog: Catnip & Cats – Everything You Need To Know. I would suggest trying catnip with your cat before a storm, so you know if it will work for your kitty.

  • *Thundershirts For Cats

    Kali-Ma In Her Calming Shirt
    Five Cat Calming Tips

Kali-Ma has one on in the photo here. I have used this item for traveling with Kali-Ma on long road trips.  I know people who have used it during storms and rave about the results. The shirt applies a constant pressure to calm the anxiety of the cat.

*Pheromone Sprays, Plug-Ins, and Collars

This is an odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural calming pheromones. It comes in many forms and although I personally have never had to use it, many people find it to be extremely helpful to anxious cats.


Final Thoughts

While you are waiting for the fireworks or storm to pass, be kind and patient with your cat. Speak softly and gently to your cat. Do not try to hold your kitty or force contact with it. Every cat is unique and in time you will develop a bond with your cat in which you learn how they prefer to cope with stressful times.

Cat Calming Tips
Kali-Ma The Cat Quote

Some cats like mellow music being played, others like the television on. You and your cat will figure out what it wants. Play some mellow music and if it doesn’t calm down then turn it off. Do not panic. Let your cat be and have patience. The storm will pass, and the fireworks will end.

Kali-Ma used to dislike fireworks and hide in the closet. Now, after being together (7) years she simply jumps in my lap and curls up while I put on an old Bette Davis movie (Kali-Ma loves the sound of her voice).  This took about two years of us being together to figure out. Relationships take time, but the bond I have with her is the most precious one in the world to me!

Until next time…Happy Tails to you!

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  1. aaliya

    My cat panics in loud noises or fireworks and thunder sounds. I just hold her tight or sometimes just make it rest on a pusheen pillow. The information that you shared about soothing cats against thunder and fireworks sounds is great. Many cat owners will be benefited by this blog. Thank you.

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