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Dust Free Cat Litter

Kali-Ma and I went shopping today as a reward for all the hard work she has been doing lately with her cat therapy. (If you are unfamiliar with her Cat Therapy you can you can read more about that here: Kali-Ma Cat Therapy Page). Among the things we needed from the pet store was a dust free cat litter. I was bound and determined to find one once and for all. So I went to my favorite local pet store Purely Pets and asked the owner for his thoughts.

He gave me a demonstration, which you can see here: YouTube BOXICAT Demo of the dust free cat litter he recommended called BOXIECAT. It has good reviews on the internet, it is veterinarian approved, and I didn’t see any dust. Even after the video, I played in it with my hands and still no dust. So, Kali-Ma and I purchased a bag to test at home. (Update as of 4-6-2018; it is the BEST cat litter I have ever used and Kali-Ma LOVES it. There is no dust, very little tracking and the litter doesn’t sink to the bottom when used. No more scraping or searching The clumps are easily found on top!) It is available online at Amazon if you are not near a Purely Pets. The Amazon Link is here:


Kali-Ma the cat favorite things
Kali-Ma’s favorite healthy things from the pet store

We then proceeded to shop for all other items Kali-Ma. Her Fussie Cat cat food, Inaba Cat Treats, and  From the Fields Organic Cat Nip Buds.  All the things she loves that make her happy and healthy. I was also elated to find an oral tooth gel to put in her mouth called “Complete Oral Care” by Petzlife and it cleans her teeth without brushing!! I have been brushing Kali-Ma’s teeth for years! Finally, life made easy! 

With all the shopping done Kali-Ma and I proceeded to the bird, mice and fish area of the store. It’s like cat tv and her favorite part of shopping there. While strolling down the aisle we met a lady named “Marlene”.  She thought Kali-Ma was beautiful and we began to chat.

We talked about cat food, cat treats, cat litter, and everything cats. She told me the story of how she came to have eight cats that are all now at the age of seventeen. She rescued them in her yard when they were kittens and kept them when no one else wanted them. She has continued to care for them all of these years, and the funny part is she was always a dog lover. 

Other people came and went. They asked about Kali-Ma when they saw her sitting in the cart, and I gave them my card, but Marlene and I continued to talk. We were like kindred cat ladies in a time and space no one else could understand. When I explained to her about how Kali-Ma didn’t like other cats, she totally understood. She said “look at her face, she is special. You can tell by how at peace she is”. 

Kali-Ma the at shopping
Kali-Ma watching the birds at Purely Pets

Marlene took my card and asked if she could call me sometime, and I really hope she does. It’s funny how you go to the store for one thing, and you come home with something else. I came home with a really warm feeling in my heart knowing that there is another cat lady out there like me. 

Happy Tails to you until next time.

Kali-Ma the cat shopping
Kali-Ma in the Mice, Fish and Bird Section of Purely Pets

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  1. Sheryl

    Love reading your blog! How is Kali-me taking to her new litter? I am looking to switch, using Scoop Away unscented at the moment for my two girls. I like it, but hate the dust all litters I’ve tried seem to have. I am enjoying reading about your trips to the nursing home too, it warms my heart, the joy it brings to you and to them is priceless 😊

    1. Hi Sheryl. Thank you so much for taking time to write to us here! We love hearing from people. The Boxiecat litter is going really well. Kali-Ma usually has a hard time finding a good litter as she prefers the “unscented”. We were using Arm-N-Hammer before we tried this. I did some research after we purchased it and it had very good reviews. It is recommended by veterinarians as well as consumers.
      Kali-Ma had a really enjoyable Cat Therapy week too celebrating a 101-year-old birthday at the Nursing Home. We get so much more out of it than we could ever give.
      I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying our blog. Thank you again for your comment. Have a great week! Happy Tails to you! 🙂

      1. Sheryl

        Thank you so much, I will give that litter a try! I loved the birthday post, a wise lady, her answer to her longevity really puts a lot in perspective. So simple, but one of the many things people seem to lack, especially now. Getting back to basics, the world would be a kinder place. You and Kali-Ma have a great week too !

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