Christmas With My Cat

Christmas With My Cat

Christmas With My Cat

I spent Christmas with my cat. As everyone at the office hustled and prepared to leave on December 21 for the long holiday break, they spoke of family gatherings, people they would be seeing and when asked, I always have the same answer: I have a cat.

Alone With My Cat

I often proudly boast of my cat, so spending with Christmas with my cat may be what others perceive to be odd, is quite the opposite to Kali-Ma and me. I have no family, and as I age the friends seem fewer the miles between them seem farther away. Kali-Ma is my best friend and for anyone that follows our blog knows, she provides love to all those she meets.

Kali-Ma in new car seat

Pet Store

We began our stay-cation Christmas with a trip to the pet store in her new pink car seat.

I bought her some toys she absolutely did not need but had to have. I also bought the deer, rabbits and local squirrels that Kali-Ma and I feed every morning at 5am some extra goodies for Christmas morning. This also provides a window of nature for Kali-Ma to enjoy watching.

The Park

We then went to the park for a walk and a stroll in her stroller. It was over 35 degrees so Kali-Ma walked about a half a mile. She got a new sweater so we couldn’t let that go unseen to all the joggers and regulars in the park! Everyone said “hello” to her and she loved every minute of it!

Christmas With My Cat
Kali-Ma on Park Bench

We then sat on a park bench for a while and I told her all my thoughts about the year and what I wished for next year. As always she sat there and listened to me so intently with those big green eyes. She never moved an inch. When it felt like I might cry she head bumped her head into my hand. If there is one thing Kali-Ma cannot abide it is swimming in the pity pool.

Kali-Ma listening on the Park Bench

We walked on, fed the ducks, and we passed some homes with Christmas lights and people gathering. I looked over and wondered what they were cooking and if they were having fun. Then I heard the shrieking of children screaming and parents yelling at them. I looked down at Kali-Ma and said: “I am so glad I have YOU and we have peace and quiet”.


The next morning I gave Kali-Ma her gifts and she played happily. I spoke with a friend that morning who told me her dog was seriously ill. My heart sank for her. To hear such news during the holiday.

Kali-Ma just two weeks ago had her annual check-up and her blood work came back great. I said a prayer of thanks that we were both in good health. It is so important to take our animals to the vet regularly, especially as they age ( I made a promise to myself to take better care of my health as there is no one to take care of Kali-Ma if I’m not here. We need each other.

At the end of the day, after watching some of her favorite old Bette Davis movies she curled up and looked very content. That was all I really needed. Hearing her snore, or purr…..that is everything….just everything…..

Christmas With My Cat
Kali-Ma Resting 12-25-18

Until next time…Happy Tails to you.

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  1. Lara A Picard

    I love Tails…hope you both have a wonderful, magical 2019

    1. Thank you 🙏 Lara! Kali-Ma and I wish you all the very best in 2019. You are most dear to us!!

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