Caturday At The Park Among The Leaves

Caturday In The Park Among The Leaves


Sometimes you just have a take time and make your cat a priority. As the saying goes, the time that you spend with your cat is never wasted time.  Yesterday was certainly no exception to that rule.  Of all the things I could have been doing, I am so glad that I took the time to spend it with Kali-Ma on a Caturday in the park among the leaves. 


Caturday In The Park Among The Leave
Kali-Ma In The Leaves

Everyone has a busy life and Kali-Ma and I are no different. I have a full-time day job and we often spend time volunteering as well as attending weekend events. Add to that we will be moving soon and that makes for a very stressed out cat owner with not a minute to spare.

I had plans for us yesterday, and in fact, all weekend but when I looked at Kali-Ma she did not want to attend any of them. Her face often speaks volumes. To be honest, I was dead tired from packing and didn’t want to do anything either.  So for once, we didn’t.


Instead, I placed her in the car and headed for the park. The closer we got to the happier she became. Her little head peeked over her pet booster seat and as soon as we hit the parking lot I could hardly contain her. (For ideas on how to travel with your cat in your car you can read my previous blog here: Cat Car Travel Tips )

Being that there were so many local events going on the park was unusually empty. We had it almost to ourselves and it was a blessed peaceful tranquility we both enjoyed. No bikes on the path and nothing to zoom by us as usual.

Caturday In The Park Among The Leaves
Rochester Municipal Park

Kali-Ma couldn’t wait to get out of her stroller and walk amongst the leaves. So excited from her romp in the leaves she continued on and walked over the bridge, on the path and she just kept going! She walked almost a half a mile before finally exhausting herself and giving in to riding in her stroller again. For information on how to safely enjoy the outdoors with your cat please read my blog here: (Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Cat )

We stopped by the river and sat on a bench. The leaves fell gently on the water and the ducks quacked at us as they waddled by. Kali-Ma sat in my lap looking up at me with her big green eyes in gratitude as if to say “thank you for not making me do any events today”.


Caturday In The Park Among The Leaves

It was I that was grateful to her. I so often forget to just stop and breathe in my busy life. Being the Therapy Cat that she is, she instinctively knows what we both need, even when I am too caught up in the day-to-day living to see it. We must have sat there for over an hour in the sun, enjoying the view. 

Just as we were about to get up an older couple walking hand in hand passed by. The woman stopped and looked at us and said to me “Well isn’t that a great little friend you have there on your lap. I have never seen a cat in a park like this.” 

I replied to the woman, ” Yes she is quite incredible actually and she is my best friend. Thank you for the compliment.”

She is my best friend, forever and a day. Thank you, God, for Kali-Ma and her never-ending wisdom right when I need it, every time.

Until Next Time….Happy Tails to you!


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  1. Sheryl Stratfold

    Sounds like a wonderful day for you and sweet Kali-Ma! Sometimes we do just need to slow down and take it all in, and this time of year is perfect when the weather is as lovely as its been this weekend. I love that particular park too, with the river, sound of the water, the ducks, its so peaceful. I was at my favorite park this morning, so beautiful, colors are amazing! My favorite time of year, but it is so fleeting, wish this lasted longer!

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