5 Tips To Bond With Your Cat

Cat People

Kali-Ma the Cat

Cat People and Dog People

I was raised in a dog family, dachshunds to be specific. Everyone had a dog that I knew and almost no one had a cat. My grandmother believed cats to be evil and my mother was completely terrified of them. She couldn’t be in the same room with a cat for fear it was going to “get her”. At a very young age I was taught there were cat people and dog people and our family did not like cats. 

When I was in my twenties and living alone, I got a cat from the Humane Society. My mother would come over and literally put a couch or chair between her and the cat. My 10lb cat verses my 120lb mother. It was quite funny! Then something happened when I went on vacation and my mother agreed to stop in and “cat sit” for me while I was gone. I am still uncertain how Snowflake (my first cat’s name may she RIP) did it, but she and my mother became friends.  Now, 20 plus years later my mother has a cat of her own. My mother is one of the cat people. 

Kali-Ma the Cat

Cat People

Cats are amazing and anyone that has been blessed to share a life with a cat will tell you that “the cat chose me” and not vice versa. Not all cat people started out as cat lovers, but once we experienced the love of the cat, we were in it for life! No two are alike and each possesses an individual personality. They are remarkable in the love that they give you in return for so little of your time.

Since I began this journey three weeks ago I have met so many “Cat People” through all the social media outlets. My demographics report that over 75% of them are women. I now have followers from all over the world including; England, Asia, South America, etc. I have been moved by their reaction to “Tails of Kali-Ma”.

The most heartwarming of all these followers were the men that love their cats. It is the men that have written to me in unequivocal detail of about what cats men to them. One man even wrote to me of how he still got sad when he mowed the lawn because it reminded him of his cat Charlie. These stories all touched me so deeply. I shouldn’t be surprised though as Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and even Isaac Newton were all cat people. 

I have learned so much through the communications of the “Tails of Kali-Ma” followers.  Kali-Ma has taken me around the world and back in fifteen days. Without her, none of this would have been possible. I am forever grateful to my best friend and confidant, and I look forward to the days ahead with excitement.

I leave you with this quote from Mark Twain;  “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

Until next time….Happy Tails to You!



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