Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat

Cat Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat

A Stroll In The Park

Yesterday I took Kali-Ma for a stroll in the park by our local library. I took her in her stroller, let her out to walk on her leash awhile, and then we found a beautiful spot in the garden to sit together. It was the perfect 75-degree sunny day with a soft breeze blowing. 

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat
Kali-Ma at library garden

The flowers were in bloom, and the birds flew landing within inches of us. Butterflies gently fluttered on the leaves of the trees and took flight again to their next destination. A groundhog even poked his head up and then scampered away. It was like observing natures symphony in simplistic harmony together.

When You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees – Get Outside Into The Trees

All the while Kali-Ma never moved one inch in her stroller. As I sat there, reflecting on my life and recent events, I began to realize how much I needed to be there at that moment. The harmony of nature around me had rejuvenated me. Once again, Kali-Ma had led me to exactly where I needed to be, for I had been there to take her for a walk. She had taught me a cat life lesson…when you are stressed and cannot see the forest for the trees – get outside into the trees. 

So I sat there a while longer and I thought about all the other life lessons my precious cat has taught me over the years. All the times she has saved me from myself and then I looked over at her laying so peacefully in her stroller. She picked up her head as if to say “well you are going to write about them aren’t you?”.  So here we here with the Cat Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat.


As many of you know that follow my blog, Kali-Ma and I are a registered therapy animal team. You can read about our latest volunteer activity at the nursing home here: Cat Therapy for Nursing Home Patients.

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat
Kali-Ma with a patient at the nursing home


The most important cat life lesson is Volunteer. Volunteering has completely changed my life. Animal therapy is my path and there is a great need for it, especially therapy cats in nursing homes. However, whatever the path you choose – VOLUNTEER. If you are interested, here is a link to Volunteers of America: VOA. 

There are many ways to volunteer that do not require going through an organization. Go to a local nursing home and just spend time talking to patients. Offer to walk pets at a pet shelter. Be creative. Once you decide to give of yourself a path will open to you. 

You can read our in-depth story of how Kali-Ma and I came to be here: Surviving Pet Loss. Kali-Ma was an outgoing force of nature and she taught me how to give when I thought I had nothing to give to anyone. Volunteering has changed me personally in ways that cannot be expressed. Suffice to say, that when you volunteer what you give is nothing, absolutely nothing, compared what you will receive. 

 Everyone Has Something Good In Them

While volunteering, Kali-Ma and I attended the 101-year old birthday party of a nursing home patient. She gave me several words of wisdom to live by that day, but one of them was “Everyone has something good in them, look for it”.  You can read more about that day here: Birthdays and Cat Therapy.

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma the Cat
Kali-Ma the Cat at Medilodge Nursing Home with Miss Helen

This cat life lesson is far from easy. A few weeks ago when Kali-Ma and I were at the local Farmers Market a woman came up to us. While blowing cigarette smoke in my face she abruptly stated:

“You are one of those! Those people who want to take her pet on the plane!”

“No mam”, I replied, “That is an ’emotional support animal’ you are speaking of, or in some instances a ‘service animal’ perhaps”.

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat
Kali-Ma at the local farmers market

I proceeded to explain the differences to her, however, she kept smoking in my face which was in itself irritating me. She walked away and I could see that what I said did nothing to change her mind about Kali-Ma. Then I looked down at Kali-Ma. She looked up at me with those precious eyes and seemed completely unphased by it all. 

As I reflect back on that day now, maybe that woman was just having a bad day. Perhaps she just needed to vent and Kali-Ma and I received the brunt of it. Whatever it was, it wasn’t us. We met so many other people who day that enjoyed Kali-Ma.  I hope that wherever that woman is, she is better now than she was that day. There is good in everyone, even when you cannot see it. 


Life Is Happening FOR You, Not TO You

Kali-Ma and I were riding in the car the other day and I heard someone on YouTube say “Life Is Happening For You, Not To You”. I didn’t think much about it until I was sitting in the park yesterday with Kali-Ma and those words came back to me. Another valuable cat life lesson.

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat
Kali-Ma out for a walk

I was recently laid off on Friday, April 13th. This has been a most challenging time for me. I have questioned deeply the direction of my career, my life, and even my personal relationships. As it seems odd to me that when life is good and prosperity flows friendships are abundant. Then, when the storm comes very few friends seem to want to help you row your boat ashore.

So, as Kali-Ma and I sat in the park those words I heard days earlier came back to me. I didn’t really love the job I had, so being laid off was actually a blessing.  This is also definitely a good time to reevaluate the friendships in my life. 

Life Lessons From Kali-Ma The Cat
Kali-Ma in her stroller

Finally, I have more time to spend with Kali-Ma these spring days, which I am enjoying every moment of. I know that I will be back to work soon, so every day that we have together in the park is precious. As I held her in my arms yesterday on the park bench I whispered in her ear “I love you so much Kali-Ma. You are the light of my life and the very best part of me. “. That is how I know that life is happening for me….she is living proof. 

Until Next Time…..Happy Tails To You………






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    There’s something wonderful and timeless about reading about you and Kali-Ma. Like picking up a stray piece of colored glass from the grass, looking through it and seeing the universe. Every blessing.

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