Kali-Ma the Cat with Missi from CVS


Sharing Cat Inspiration on a Saturday 

“Don’t die with your music still in you” is a phrase I began hearing in my twenties and until this week I wasn’t absolutely certain what my music was. Now, at 52 years young I am living my heart’s desire for writing. This is all thanks to Kali-Ma and her Cat Inspiration.
Kali-Ma the Cat with Missi from CVS
Kali-Ma the Cat with Missi from CVS

I stopped by CVS this week and while checking out the clerk “Missi” began to tell me how much she was enjoying my blog. It was slow and there were no other customers around, so we were chatting, and the other clerk there joined in. Missi started telling the other clerk about my blog. Missi could have been my agent! She said she couldn’t wait for my next week’s installment to come out,  she loved the way I wrote, and that she thought I should write a book. I got in my car feeling wrapped in a blanket of appreciation and I was brought to tears as I drove back to my day job. She will never know how much she uplifted me until she reads this blog.

The following Saturday I got up and told Kali-Ma “we are going to meet your number one fan”!  I put on her best pink sweater on off we went to CVS. I went in to get Missi to have her come out to the car and while I waited for her to get her coat the store manager “Larry” and I started to converse. Larry was wearing a tie with a cat face on it. He said, “bring your cat in”.  Turns our Larry has a cat named “Mr. Pussers” and he has a little Cat Inspiration too.  We all talked about the love of cats and it was a puurfect visit. Kali-Ma and I even bought some lottery tickets. I couldn’t have planned it any better. Kali-Ma and I had a really enjoyable time there. 

Kali-Ma the Cat with her Lottery Tickets!
Kali-Ma the Cat with her Lottery Tickets!
 We then traveled to Purely Pets in Shelby Township. You can see videos of our shopping there on our video page Kali-Ma’s Videos. We walked in the door and a woman asked to take Kali-Ma’s picture. She explained how she was allergic to cats but her daughter had to see this cat shopping in a cart! Another woman couldn’t believe I got her in the sweater and we talked about cat food. Kali-Ma also received lots of love from the store owner too.  All the while Kali-Ma just soaked it all in, loving every minute of all the attention!  

 As I am sitting here writing this I see Kali-Ma rolling around in her organic catnip without a care in the world. I contemplate about how none of this would even be possible without her. I may have taken the long road here, but it’s Kali-Ma that got me here and continues to inspire me. Cat Inspiration!  

Kali-Ma shopping at Purely Pets in Shelby Township MI
Kali-Ma shopping at Purely Pets in Shelby Township MI

Kali-Ma made many people smile through all her encounters today. That’s what she does. Kali-Ma meets people and they feel uplifted for the time spent with her.  She has Cat Inspiration. I write about the lessons teaches me. That’s what I do.  We both have our talents and I realize that my music is to find a way to bring it all together. Today might have been better if we’d had a videographer, but we’re not there yet.  Right now it’s just me and Kali-Ma. The important thing is that the people’s lives we touch are happier for it.

I am reminded of an old Barry Manilow song, “One Voice”. All it takes is one voice. Well in this instance, all it takes is one person to appreciate your blog.  Thank you, Missi!  Kali-Ma and I will carry on.

Until next time…Happy Tails to you!


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  1. Rachel Armel

    I really love your blog and felt so touched and inspired by all the things you shared about yourself and your precious beautiful cat Kali-Ma. What a divine appointment took place that day you found one another! What a blessing. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you Rachel. I believe that Kali-Ma was “heaven” sent as corny as that may sound to some. She and I do connect so well together. Now that we are an Animal Therapy Team I believe it more than ever we are meant to be together. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Happy Tails to You from us!

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