Cat Halloween Costumes

Cat Halloween Costumes

Cat Halloween Costumes

It is that time of year again. The leaves are turning, pumpkins are appearing, and soon it will be time for children to dress up in costumes and also some of our pets. It can be a challenge to find a cat Halloween costume. If you are looking for a cat Halloween costume here is what you need to know. 

Where to Shop

Kali-Ma has an event this year at an assisted living center so I began shopping for her costume early. Kali-Ma is a Therapy Cat. You can read more about her Cat Therapy here: Rewards of Cat Therapy.

I took her shopping two weeks ago to four local pet supply stores.  I also called two more stores that were within thirty miles of me.  Out of these six stores, only two had specific “cat” costumes and they each only had one costume a piece. The selection was limited, to say the least.

I wasn’t interested in Kali-Ma being a cat sheriff or a cat spider. Both of these costumes required that she would be in an upright standing position for the full effect of the costume to be appreciated. Since Kali-Ma rides in her stroller during her Cat Therapy, these were not practical solutions.  

The On-Line Solution

The search for the puurfect cat costume online began.  I  spent hours viewing many websites and combing through several choices.  Finally, I chose two from Amazon as they were returnable if they didn’t fit. Being, that I have been an Amazon customer for years and never had an issue with any return I felt it was the best decision. 

I found two dog costumes that would fit Kali-Ma. Neither of which I had seen in the pet stores. Following the measurement chart, I made sure before I placed the order.  The costumes arrived within two days. 


The Kali-Ma Test

If there is one thing about Kali-Ma it is that her eyes speak volumes. I thought she would like the material of the bumblebee costume better as it was softer. I was wrong. One look at her face and it was as if she was saying “get this off me and get it off me now!”.

Cat Halloween Costumes
Kali-Ma the Bumblebee

When I put on the butterfly she walked around the room like a little princess. Instinctively, she knew all the compliments, attention and love it would bring. She sat down as if to say “you can take the picture now”. 

Cat Halloween Costumes
Kali-Ma The Butterfly

Your Cat Halloween Costume

If you are planning to dress your cat up for Halloween take its measurements. The costumes I ordered ran true to size and you will need your cat’s measurements to order. Even if you decide to go to a local pet store you need to know your cats, neck, length, and girth. 

If you decide on the local pet store – call first. Ask them if they have a cat costume or a dog costume that will fit a cat in your size. Also, ask them what types of costumes they have. This will save you some time at the store. It’s a good idea to ask if they are returnable.

If your cat is social and enjoys wearing costumes, perhaps your cat is a Therapy Cat. You can read more about becoming registered here: Cat Therapy Training Tips

Happy Halloween to all and until next time Happy Tails to you……

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