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Cat Dental Care – No More Brushing!

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Plaque left on your pet’s teeth can actually progress into dental disease and cause damage to their vital organs. This is why it is important to begin a cat dental care routine when they are young and get them accustomed to having their teeth touched with the end goal of being brushed on a regular basis. The cat I had prior to Kali-Ma was not as accepting of this idea, and thus she had to go under anesthesia and have her teeth cleaned by a veterinarian as a tartar build up was discovered during one of her yearly exams. So, when Kali-Ma rescued me (you can read the story of how that happened here The Tail of Kali-Ma) I immediately began to brush her teeth every week.


Every Saturday morning Kali-Ma and I have what I refer to as kitty “spa” time. During this time I trim her nails, check her outer ears for wax, give her coat a good brushing with the Ferminator brush that gets the loose hair from her undercoat, and last but not least I brush her teeth.  It is a weekly routine we have done for seven years now. So, imagine my astonishment when I captured a picture of her yawning a few weeks ago and saw tartar!

Kali-Ma the Cat's teeth with tartar
Kali-Ma the Cat’s teeth with tartar

Here I thought I was a good cat Mom! I had taken Kali-Ma for her annual checkup in December where she had a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and the veterinarian did a thorough exam. At that time he said her teeth looked excellent. In a short time, the tartar had come, even with me brushing her teeth regularly. 

When I examined her gums I found them to be pink and bright with no bleeding.  Her breath had no foul odor and she showed no signs of sensitivity around her mouth. These were all signs she was healthy and that she did not have feline gingivitis – yet! I certainly did not want her to undergo anesthesia to have a cleaning. With that, I was off to the pet store to get more toothpaste as I was nearly out. Obviously brushing once a week was not going to be enough. 

A Brush Free Solution!

While at the pet store, the owner told me about a new product called “Petzlife Complete Oral Care”. NO BRUSHING REQUIRED! He explained it was an oil based gel product made with all natural holistic ingredients. I simply put a 1/4 of a teaspoon on my finger and massaged it into her gums or teeth. If I was unable to do that just get it into her mouth. She will lick it, and it will oxidize the tartar away! He suggested that I use it two times a day until the tartar was under control and then once a week after the tartar was gone. The only point he stressed was she could not eat or drink thirty minutes before or after I applied it.He said not to be concerned about the doggie on the bottle as this was an oral care system for cats and dogs. 

Kali-Ma the Cat Licking her new toothpaste
Kali-Ma the Cat Licking her new toothpaste

We arrived home and after Kali-Ma was done eating we waited the appropriate thirty minutes.  I massaged her gums and she licked, licked, licked away! This was good as it helped activate the toothpaste. I continued to use it twice a day on her.

Her tartar is not gone, but it has drastically improved. It has only been two weeks since we started.  From my research, it may take up to eight weeks for it to disappear completely. I would highly recommend this product to any pet owner as it is an easy option for removing tartar from your pet’s teeth. Kali-Ma was never a fan of having her teeth brushed, but she tolerated it. This is a LOT easier! It can be purchased on Amazon and I have attached the link above. for a 4-ounce bottle. I have included the instructions on how to use it here from the manufacturer website: Petzlife Oral Care Directions.  There are several reviews of it on Amazon that anyone can read and review this product for themselves. 

Cat Dental Care Tips to Remember

If this product does not appeal to you then please use another, as cat dental care is so very critical. The ramifications of poor cat dental care are very serious and not to be taken lightly. Cats have (30) teeth when they reach adulthood. Tooth decay can cause cats to lose those teeth. It has also been linked to heart, kidney, and other serious chronic illnesses.

Here are some tips to assist you with your pets dental care:

  • Clean your cat’s teeth regularly.  Brushing, Brush-free, whatever method you choose, do it regularly and start it with your cat as early as possible. 
  • Yearly veterinarian check-ups.   These annual visits are critical to prevent serious illnesses in your cat and become more critical as your cat ages.
  • Feed Your Cat a Healthy Diet. Nutrition is the foundation for your cat’s good health. 
  • If necessary, have your cat’s teeth cleaned by a veterinarian. It is no one’s first choice, but tooth decay can cause serious illness in a cat. If it becomes necessary it must be done to ensure your cat has a healthy, happy life.

Cats give us so much. I truly believe that they deserve the very best we have to give them in return.

Happy Tails to you until next time. 


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  3. This sounds like a great product.

    1. Hi Ellen. It has been working REALLY well! I had to take Kali-Ma to the vet yesterday, and he looked at her teeth while we were there. The vet said her teeth looked really good! Just four weeks ago she had a significant amount of tartar! She has a little more left to come off, but it is working!! I really like this product!

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