Gloria & Kali-Ma


On a hot humid Houston New Year’s Eve day in 2011, Kali-Ma was on display in a cage for adoption at Petsmart. I had recently lost my cat of 15 years just days three days prior. I was there to make a donation of her cat toys to the animal rescue and then I saw Kali-Ma.

Kali-Ma was found on a Houston freeway earlier that September abandoned with her kittens. The kittens had been adopted but no one wanted Kali-Ma. She had been in foster care for over four months with seven other cats. She was curled up against the back of the glass cage looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes as I was crying in deep grief over the loss of my cat.

The woman asked if I wanted to hold her. I said “no” several times, explaining I was only there to make a donation. Finally, I gave in and held her in my arms. The two of us had been alone, but not for long.

Kali-Ma rescued me that day, and it wasn’t long before I realized she was unlike any other cat I ever had ever known. Kali-Ma enjoyed walking on a leash. She wanted to go places with me in the car, and she enjoyed socializing with other people and dogs. Everyone that met her felt better for the time spent with her and would often say “she is one very unique cat”.  (For a more in-depth detailed version of our story please read Surviving Pet Loss).

In January of 2018, Kali-Ma inspired me to follow my heart and my love of writing and I created this website. In February of 2018, Kali-Ma and I  became a registered therapy animal team (our here registration is here:  Kali-Ma Therapy Animal Registration), and we began volunteering in a local nursing home. We continue to look for other avenues to share her gift with.  She is so very special and I know there are many that could benefit from spending time with her.

These are her stories, or “tails” as I lovingly refer to them, of her cat therapy, and the lessons she continues to teach me every day of my life.  You can read about her Cat Therapy here: Cat Therapy.  If you are interested in her tales they are here: Tails of Kali-Ma.   The Cat Care that I practice and believe is important is here: Cat Care.  I also have a page of her favorite products that I use and endorse here: Shop Kali-Ma.

We hope you find something on our website that brightens your day. If you do, please feel free to share it.

Happy Tails to you!