7th Year Cat Adoption Anniversary of Kali-Ma

This New Year’s Eve marks the 7th year cat adoption anniversary of Kali-Ma. I really had no idea what awaited me when I walked into that pet store on that hot and muggy day so long ago. So filled with grief and despair, I couldn’t see how Kali-Ma would completely change my life in ways I never would have dreamed of. I may of “adopted” her, but Kali-Ma became the very best part of me and in truth she rescued me.

I still clearly remember when I brought her home and she literally flew across the room. I wondered to myself what had I done? Did I adopt a cat or a cheetah? She stuck to me like glue and wouldn’t allow me a moment alone. Not even to use the restroom! Kali-Ma was determined to be my constant companion every moment I was in her presence. You can read more about our early days together here: https://www.tailsofkalima.com/surviving-pet-loss/

Since that day we have relocated across the country and moved four times. Together we have faced numerous hardships and tremendous joy.  All the while she remains the constant calm in the storm and the source of the smile on everyone’s face we meet.  She is a blessing and a joy every day of my life. Not a moment with her has brought me sadness.

7th year cat adoption anniversary of Kali-Ma
Kali-Ma Riding In Car in Car Seat

Kali-Ma is very social and adapts to any situation. I am fortunate that she tolerates car travel with me and enjoys being outdoors in all four seasons. We walk together often, and I take her with me everywhere I can. She has bonded with me like no other cat I have ever known.

Maybe it is because she is a calico. I didn’t know how special they were until I did some research this year. You can read all about Calico Cats and some tips and how to travel with your cat here:



Whatever the reason she is a blessing and as I often have stated, Kali-Ma is the best part of me.

7th year cat adoption anniversary of Kali-Ma
Kali-Ma Out For A Walk

Kali-Ma has a way of making a walk in the park seem sunny on a cloudy day. She stops to sniff the air and look around. One can’t help but stop and stand with her wondering what she sees.

Before I know it, I have stopped and taken a deep breath, enjoying nature and the moment with her in a silence that only she and I share. The birds are tweeting and the breeze blows gently on our face. Then a jogger goes by and we return to walking on the path. The moment has passed but it was shared because of her. In so many ways she is remarkable.

People stop constantly in public to touch her or talk to her. Children often see her over a block away long before their parents even realize it. Kali-Ma always obliges everyone and never leaves them without a smile on their face. It is as if she knows this is her purpose. It is my hope that in 2019 we can do volunteer work with children in some way.

I have been fortunate to spend this recent week with Kali-Ma at home. I had time off from work and injured my back on my first day off. It was another blessing in disguise. I had five glorious days with Kali-Ma being it was wonderful!

7th year cat adoption anniversary of Kali-Ma
Kali-Ma Waiting For Me At The End Of The Day

Before I was blessed with Kali-Ma I use to refer to my home as my sanctuary. Now I know that Kali-Ma makes my home a sanctuary. When I come home every day she is there at the top of the stairs waiting patiently. It’s as if she saying “come on in and tell me all about your day, I am here waiting…” Then she follows me all around until we settle in for the evening and she curls up in my lap.

She makes my home a safe place to rest. With her, I am content and at peace. Blessed be Kali-Ma on this our seventh anniversary for all she has given to me and so many others, and knowing her for all she will continue to give. I love you Kali-Ma …..the very best part of me.

I always remember, especially at this time of year, that Kali-Ma was a cat adoption because someone left her on a freeway with her kittens. Her kittens were adopted but no one wanted her. Every time I see a flood, fire or disaster I think of all the cats that need homes and I do my best to donate to the ASPCA: https://www.aspca.org/ways-to-give. Whatever your personal animal cause…..please donate when you can. I always feel so blessed for having Kali-Ma in my life. There will always organizations and people to save people, but who will save the animals? Just my personal thoughts.

Until Next Time….Happy Tails to you!

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