4 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

4 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

4 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

1. Cats Don’t Drink Enough

Cats by nature were accustomed to obtaining the water in their diet from moisture-rich foods they caught such as mice, birds, rodents, etc. Since indoors cats eat a different diet they lack that moisture and need more water. For this reason, domestic cats actually have a very low thirst drive.

2. Illness Prevention

When your kitty doesn’t get enough water,  the minerals in urine begin to crystallize and  become stones. This can result in urinary tract disease. This is very painful and can result in high vet bills not to mention serious discomfort to the cat.

Kidney disease is the leading cause of death in cats. It is imperative that cats maintain good drinking habits to prevent this disease. Drinking from the kitchen faucet or the bathtub is NOT healthy for your cat. Would you drink from the bathtub? Your cat needs filtered water – just like you do. A drinking fountain can provide that.

3. Cats Don’t Like Standing Water

By their nature, cats consider standing water to be unsafe. It is usually full of bacteria that can make a cat ill which is the reason cats are attracted to running water. A drinking fountain can remove that bacteria with a filter. You simply change the filter once a month. Your cat is enjoying clean water every time.

4. Reduce Whisker Stress

It may sound silly but Whisker Stress is a real thing! You can read about it and everything whiskers in my blog: All About Cat Whiskers.  Some cats become stressed when their whiskers are touched. So when the water bowl isn’t wide enough or deep enough, they may tip over the bowl or not drink at all. Maybe they will drink less. A water fountain gives your cat ample room so that nothing is touching its whiskers and eliminates the possibility of Whisker Stress happening.

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4 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

Final Thoughts…..

I woman I work with had her cat diagnosed with kidney disease this week. My heart broke for her. I had a cat with kidney disease. I was young and didn’t know about the prevention and the responsibilities that came with owning a senior cat. 

Senior Cat Care Tips

If someone would have told me that a water fountain could have helped to PREVENT kidney disease 10 years ago I would spend the money and done it! Cats give us so much – so VERY VERY MUCH! Kidney disease and urinary tract infections are painful. Cats don’t tell us when they are in pain. Often they just pee outside the litter box. If they do that it means they need to go to the vet immediately because something is wrong.

4 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain
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In my opinion, it is our responsibility to them the very best. If this one litter thing can help prevent illness then to me it is worth it.  Water fountains come in a wide variety of price ranges and sizes. I personally prefer the stainless steel models. They have been the easiest to maintain, clean and seem to last the longest. 

Whatever one you choose – just pick one and try it. I guarantee it is worth the investment for you and your cat.

Until next time….Happy Tails to you!

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    It’s good to learn that cats need a water fountain to reduce whisker stress. My wife and I are looking to help our cat be more comfortable in our house. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should get a water fountain for our cat.

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