Catmas Miracle

Sometimes the only thing that can comfort you or make life better is your cat.

My mom passed away July 31st 2021. Nothing can prepare a daughter for losing her mother. Climbing out of the grief pit is like trying to find the light switch in a pitch-black room with no electricity. Often you just sit back down and curl up with your cat.

Your cat is always there. Your cat doesn’t give you platitudes or unsolicited advice – which is the worst by the why. They don’t preach to you or tell you to get over it. Your cat is there to hang onto to and talk to and “listen”. God created a true miracle in the wonder of the feline.

Kali-Ma and I have been together nearly 12 years on New Year’s Eve. In those years; We had moved five times, I had changed jobs six times, been nearly homeless together, I had two major surgeries and many other life challenges, but NOTHING compared to this.

I think I went emotionally numb for two years after my mother died. The pain was so excruciating that I just couldn’t bear it. I was on autopilot of work- home- weekend- work. At least until Kali-Ma recently had a little health scare –then, I WOKE UP. I realized I wasn’t being present and living for her at all. And she has always come first. Always.

Then something miraculous happened. My downstairs neighbors rescued a cat they found on a walk in the park. Poor little thing was full of worms and needed lots of love and they called “me” for advice. “Me” – the emotionally dead person.

Well, I gave them some medicine and the name of my vet. I even started to feel alive again. I woke up talking to Kali-Ma about “Chloe”, as I had given her a name (of which I don’t know where I got it) and they seemed to like it! They named her Chloe!

So, Chloe is getting better every day. She has an appointment to get spayed. The neighbors have completely fallen head over heels in love with her. She’s the cutest little calico.  The vet approximates her to be 2yrs old. They are like new pet parents asking me all kinds of questions. I feel very honored.

I’ve seen them more in the past few days than I have in the year since I moved in. We discovered we have some things in common. Even though they are much younger than me, we now have cats in common. The air doesn’t seem so heavy around me, and I usually can’t breathe this time of year with all the “holiday” stuff going on.

Chloe reminds me of when Kali-Ma rescued me. All the joy of that first year of us bonding. There hasn’t been much joy lately as I have been so emotionally unavailable. It’s like waking up out of a long dark sleep, but for the first time there is hope. I have ten vacation days starting tomorrow and there is hope.

Happy Tails to you……